Vik Pillay, Solicitor (Admitted in Australia, Singapore and England & Wales)

Vik Pillay is a commercial dispute resolution lawyer, whose focus is to enable his clients to obtain an efficient resolution of their disputes. Vik is tri-qualified and is able to practice law in Australia, Singapore, and England & Wales.

Vik has a penchant for assisting clients to navigate the uncertain waters of dispute resolution. He enjoys finding efficient outcomes and pragmatic solutions for his clients. Most disputes which end up in court, do not proceed all the way to the final hearing. They are instead resolved via negotiations, mediations or other alternative methods of dispute resolution. In light of the changing ways in which companies in the new world approach and handle disputes, Vik believes in strategizing and planning a course for a dispute at the outset, and to assess the best way to resolve the dispute efficiently.

After starting practice in law in 2014, he started off working with a range of businesses and handled a range of disputes in general commercial and business law. Vik also has experience in transport, logistics and shipping. When Vik was 7 years old, he used to sit for hours on end in the airport’s viewing gallery, keenly watching airplanes – cargo being unloaded, passengers disembarking, and the aircrafts being maintained. Over the years, this interest developed into a passion. The interconnectedness of people and cargo in our dynamic and globalised world, led Vik’s drive towards the legal intricacies and nuances of shipping, transport and logistics law. Vik’s practice in law also extends to a range of commercial matters including advising on disputes relating to:

  • franchise agreements,
  • sale of business agreements,
  • building disputes
  • commercial/retail leases,
  • sale/supply of goods or services agreements
  • shareholders/unitholders and/or directors
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • various contractual disputes
  • dissolution of partnerships
  • personal and corporate insolvency

In his downtime, Vik loves to hit the open road with a book and a good cup of coffee. Nothing beats some alone time out in nature (or with family if they insist on joining!). Vik enjoys cooking (and definitely eating) comfort food and experimenting with his late grandmother’s centuries-old recipes. Badminton and swimming are other activities which provide him respite and clarity. With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, Vik has started meditating and cycling as well.

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