About Us

In an environment where most law firms look and feel the same, Rankin Business Lawyers are very different.

We are a young upstart, we’re adventurous, innovative and fun. We have two complementary obsessions: –

  • Making the law easily accessible to business; and
  • Totally engaged, flexible, happy lawyers.

Making the Law Accessible to Businesses

Our clients are Business people; they are busy, focused and exist in a highly competitive world.

We make the law accessible in a number of ways

  • Our lawyers are not office-bound, they’re mobile and regularly visit clients on-site to work with them there or at a location convenient to the client;
  • Through technology we can be reached in a number of ways; mobile phone, video conference, e-mail and instant message.
  • We pride ourselves on responsiveness, so your communication will be returned quickly
  • We speak the language of business, no legal jargon!
  • We look outside the legal box for commercial solutions
Totally engaged, flexible, happy lawyers

The access, transparency and responsiveness we promise to our clients can only be delivered by happy, engaged, mobile lawyers, armed with the right technology.

A 10-hour grind in a dreary office, bound to a desk, away from family & friends, sunlight and the real world doesn’t lead to engagement

Our lawyers are highly engaged because we value and look after them: –

  • Flexibility, mobility and autonomy to work when & where suits them best
  • Flat structure; no hierarchy, no silos and,
  • Achievable expectations, and great rewards for those that go beyond.
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To get in touch with us:

email: enquiries@rankinbusinesslawyers.com

CALL US ON 1300 LAW BIZ (1300 529 249)