We work as part of your team

We are expert commercial lawyers with experience across the range of legal services that SMEs require.
We help you identify the legal requirements of your business and take care of your day to day
legal needs always with an eye to your commercial and strategic objectives.

Managing your legal costs:


Retainers help business budget and control their legal spend.

Rankin Business Lawyers offer retainers to clients, where together we can reasonably estimate your needs. These retainers could be monthly, quarterly or annual.

Fixed Fees

If you desire pricing certainty, Rankin Business Lawyers are happy to commit to a fixed price.

We will work together with you on a scope that meets your budget.

Hourly Rates

If you prefer we are also comfortable working on an hourly rate basis.

We’ll still provide you with a cost estimate.

Susan Yengi, CEO, The Social Studio