Make the Difference

You’ve had an idea for an impactful charity or not-for-profit but you haven’t quite managed to get it off the ground. You’ve got the essential ingredients- the good will, the passion and the creativity- but you lack the time and practise needed to navigate the legal requirements of registration. That’s where we come in. How [...]

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It’s Time To Review Your Privacy Policy

Trust in cyberspace has never been lower. Amidst the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, the recent Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme and the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, users have a newfound scepticism towards volunteering personal information while companies face intense scrutiny as to how that information is used. The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) as documented in the Privacy Act outline [...]

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Will your ‘zero-tolerance policy’ withstand the scrutiny of the Fair Work Commission?

A behaviour that is perfectly acceptable in one workplace may be cause for summary dismissal in another. Take the use of a mobile phone - it’s expected of an office worker, but it is typically forbidden in the context of a food production line. The rulebook was crystal clear in the case of the Fresh [...]

Employee claims $1.8M from boss, ‘Mr Stinky’, for farting – The Law of Workplace Bullying

I was sceptical when an article with a similar headline and a suspicious publication date (April 1st) pedalled its way through social media. In response, I did precisely what one would expect of a mature, inquisitive lawyer- I conducted a search of the Australasian Legal Information Institute, keyword: fart. My search returned a surprising number [...]