Casual Conversion Deadline – 27 September 2021

There is just under one week left for Employers to ensure that they have assessed their existing casual employees for conversion to permanent employment.

What does this mean?

If you employ casuals and you are not a small business, you must take action to comply with the new provisions in the Fair Work Act.

Employers must identify existing casual employees who were employed before 27 March 2021 and assess their eligibility for conversion. If certain employees meet the criteria, employers must offer conversion to permanent employment.

As at 28 September 2021, it is expected that employers have already reviewed their existing casual employees. After this date, there is an ongoing obligation for employers to offer casual conversion to eligible employees. Employers must assess all casual employees who are approaching 12 months of employment and provide them with written notice detailing the outcome of their assessment.

In summary, prior to 27 September, employers must:

  • identify all casual employees employed before 27 March 2021;
  • assess these employees for eligibility and provide each employee with a written notice of the outcome;
  • if an offer of conversion is made, further correspondence may be required with the employee.

Once this process is complete, employers must then issue the Casual Employment Information Statement to all remaining casual employees. This document can be accessed here

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Francine Hoyne-Clancy
Senior Associate, Workplace Relations/Employment Law