As an employee, you should always be mindful of your interactions with co-workers and colleagues, in and out of work. There have been plenty of cases that have found that misconduct occurred to an employee’s behaviour even when living their personal life outside of working hours.

This is more so the case during work-related or organised functions (particularly involving alcohol). Although these end-of-year type celebrations are put on as a thank-you meant to be for the enjoyment of the staff, a good rule to follow is to consider how your conduct or behaviour during the event would be received if any incident was recorded and printed on Monday’s front page newspaper. At best, you’ve committed an embarrassing faux pas that can follow your career for years, but more serious incidents can lead to summary dismissal, civil lawsuits, or criminal charges being laid.

It is always best to adopt the following guidelines to protect yourself and your colleagues, and ensure that everyone has a good time all round:

  • Have plenty of food with your alcoholic beverages;
  • Set a certain alcoholic drink limit, and stick to it;
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the evening;
  • Look out for your mates, and ensure that no drinks and drive;
  • Most importantly, eat, drink and be merry, and have a good time.
Daniel Le