Rankin & Co are PEXA Lawyers

Rankin & Co are now pleased to announce that we are registered PEXA Lawyers.  E-conveyancing is growing exponentially and we are now able to consistently submit most dealings with the Land Titles Office (ie lodge caveats etc) via the PEXA online portal.  Also, once all parties in a conveyance are also registered with PEXA: that [...]

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New Drone Laws

As technology is advancing so must our laws to allow and regulate the use of this technology.  In the case of drones, new legislation has been introduced at the end of September 2016 that effectively make it easier to fly them. Drones are easy to purchase and are now commonly used in many professions; from [...]

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Defamation Ruling on Facebook Post

Back in September 2016 the District Court in NSW made a ruling against a staff member who defamed his employer on his personal Facebook account.  The case was Rothe v Scott (No 4) [2016] NSWDC 160.  This is a precedent case in defamation laws as in that the employer was not specifically named in the [...]

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Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit

Rankin & Co are proud to have recently contributed to INNOVIC’s Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit aimed at small businesses.  Other contributors include IP Australia and the Victorian Small Business Commissioner. The toolkit provides everything an entrepreneur requires to get their idea off the ground and established correctly.Click here for your free copy.

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