A tale of two women and one name

Reports surfaced over the weekend regarding the ongoing court battle between fashion designer Katie Jane Taylor and singer Katy Perry over a trademark dispute. Ms. Taylor, the owner of Katie Perry, a loungewear company, launched legal proceedings back in 2009, alleging trademark infringement against Ms. Perry for selling clothing through eight channels that were found [...]

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Grace Period for Designs

Did you know that the Designs Act in Australia now has a 12-month grace period?  From March 2022, the new amendment provides a safeguard against unintended public disclosure of your design. Before the amendment, as soon as your design was disclosed to the public, you were prevented from registering the design for that product. This new grace [...]

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The NFT and copyright conundrum

The rise of the digital currency era brings about a diverse empire of digital tokens, including cryptocurrencies and the elusive NFT’s which have taken the 21st century by storm. NFT’s have created ample controversy in the copyright field, particularly regarding what constitutes a copyright infringement in the digital world. Below, we discuss what exactly an NFT [...]

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