‘or’ means ‘or’ in 15 year determination

Interchanging the words ‘or’ and ‘and’ can make a big difference when applying legislation to any situation.  A great example of this is the 15 year determination to the Retail Leases Act 2003 which has recently caused a great disruption.  If the word ‘or’ is read disjunctively as ‘or’ then many, if not most, leases [...]

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Unfair Contracts

The new unfair contracts legislation came into effect in November of 2016 and will affect hundreds of thousands of business contracts.   Many of the contracts impacted by the legislation are grossly unfair to the small enterprise and contain provisions which enable the larger contracting party to unilaterally change the contract. Where the small business does [...]

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‘State of Land’ Report Released

Urban Development Institute of Australia have recently released a ‘State of Land’ report based on the National Land Survey Program (NLSP) by Charter Keck Cramer and Research 4.  The report looks at the current state of the greenfield land market across the five main capital cities in Australia.  There are some really interesting findings which, [...]

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