Casual employees – Important changes businesses need to know

There have been some very important changes recently to the laws regarding casual employees. The National Employment Standards now include a right for a casual employee to become a full-time or part-time employee in the following circumstances: They have been with the same employer for 12 months; They have worked a regular pattern of hours [...]

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Decarbonisation in 2021

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has been planning Sulphur Oxide emissions cuts for a decade, and it came to force in January 2020. Builders and owners are slowly inching moving towards alternative fuels altogether. Pierre-Etienne Franc of Air Liquide and Saehoon Kim of Hyundai, Co-Secretaries of the Hydrogen Council, are of the view that the [...]

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No BS, flexible working (even for our admin team!)

At Rankin, no BS, we have true flexible working arrangements. When supported by contemporary IT your work and life are seamlessly integrated. You choose when, how and where you work and play. Family Life It was a Friday, I was set up comfortably on the VLine train on the way to the country to see [...]

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Adhering to dress codes in 2019

Admittedly this article has nothing to do with law. It is also not thought provoking or significant. Not dressing to code is, however, one of my bugbears which is why I have insisted that this article be posted nonetheless. I, like some of my colleagues, have suffered with the dreaded ‘dress code embarrassment’. Not for [...]

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