Employment Law Case Study: Underpayments

Case study we were recently involved in Properly drafted employment agreements can mitigate subsequent claims for underpayment; where the allocation of wages is expressly documented and agreed in an employment agreement, employers can offset over-award payments against other obligations in addition to ordinary wages. The problem The employer owns a café in Melbourne and its [...]

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Domestic Violence Leave and Employer Obligations

“I was provided with 12 days paid sick leave per annum and I used all my sick leave each year.  We were together and I sometimes took the occasional leave day when I ran out of sick leave.  Mondays were the main day I took sick leave because on many occasions on a Sunday night [...]

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Flexible Work Arrangements; Is It OK to Say No?

With many staff returning from family vacations, now is a popular time for employees to make requests for flexible work arrangements in the hope that they can better manage family obligations. An important question that employers may ask is; when is it OK to say no? Per the Fair Work Act 2009, an employer can [...]

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GENEROSITY, Our Credo for 2018

Think of lawyers and what comes to mind? Folklore paints the lawyer with an abrasive brush. Lawyers are portrayed as verbose, self-interested and inaccessible; charging for their every minute. Sadly, there is some truth to that image. It’s the complex structure of legislation. It’s the strange robes worn in the courtroom. It’s the gilded books [...]

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