The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has been in the news this week after it was reported that a landlord on the Sunshine Coast would be forced to discount rent for its long-term tenants after the QCAT ruled the landlord could not demonstrate that reducing the rent would put the landlord at a financial disadvantage. A link to the news report can be found here.

The decision comes as somewhat of a warning to landlords that the various Tribunals around the country may not hesitate to step in to compel rent relief in circumstances where the landlord is not demonstrating a genuine attempt to reach a workable compromise with its tenants. Whilst the case dealt with a residential tenancies dispute, it is not difficult to envision that such rulings may be forthcoming in the commercial tenancy space, particularly given that various of the States temporary (COVID-19) regulations in some way allow a landlord to take account of its own financial ability to offer rent relief when putting an offer to tenants.

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Joseph CarneliSenior Associate