Unless you have been living under a rock these past few weeks, you would know that there are several mandatory vaccination directions in place, which impact on how we live and work. It is likely that mandatory vaccination is going to stick around at least for the time being, and potentially well into 2022. Employers should carefully consider their processes and procedures and ensure that they are in compliance with the relevant government directions and their own workplace health and safety obligations. There are 4 very important reasons as to why your business should consider implementing a vaccination policy. These are set out below.

  1. To clearly set-out your vaccination plan and implementation strategy to your workforce

Most people are pretty bamboozled with the constant introduction of new government directions, and the updating of current directions. Therefore, setting out your company’s policy on mandatory vaccination takes away the uncertainty for your workforce. Everyone will be on the same page and will know exactly what obligations fall on the employer and the employee. These policies can also cover requirements for contractors and visitors to your business.

  1. Identify how you will manage record-keeping and privacy obligations

One of the biggest concerns of employers and employees alike, is how an employer is to manage sensitive information regarding the vaccination status of their workforce. Your policy can cover-off on all of this information, so that you can set your employees’ minds at ease.

  1. Your processes for dealing with scenarios where employees refuse to be vaccinated

This is like your everyday ‘dispute resolution or grievance policy’ (which you should also have!), but will be specifically tailored to situations concerning mandatory vaccination. It is important for your workforce to understand what these processes are and similarly, for you as the employer, to carry out these processes in a lawful and reasonable way.

  1. The rights and obligations of employers and employees

It is important for all individuals in the workplace to understand what it is that they have to do when it comes to vaccination requirements in the workplace. Everyone will have their own requirements to take care of, whether that be producing vaccination status information, or collecting relevant information on vaccination or valid exemptions. This should also cover everyone’s general workplace health and safety obligations in the workplace.

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Francine Hoyne-Clancy
Senior Associate, Workplace Relations/Employment Law