Why Companies also need Shareholders Agreements

It is both good practice and prudent risk management to prepare and use a shareholders agreement for shareholders in proprietary limited companies. They can operate as a “rule book” for shareholders and also separate their private arrangements from the company constitution. A shareholders agreement should (subject to applicable legislation): define the rights and obligations of [...]

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New Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave

Under the Fair Work Act, employees dealing with the impact of family and domestic violence can: take unpaid family and domestic violence leave; request flexible working arrangements (if working for the same employer regularly for at least 12 months); and take paid or unpaid personal/carer’s leave, in certain circumstances. The Fair Work Act defines family [...]

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The Importance of Removing PPSR Registrations

Once a loan or obligations which involves a PPSR registration is repaid or the agreement has come to an end, the business or individual who has registered the PPSR registration has a statutory obligation to remove this registration (in addition to the contractual obligation). In most cases the secured party may have just forgotten, but [...]

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e-Commerce Legislation Worldwide

We all use the internet, some with more caution than others. It is a great way to get our businesses out there and in front of our consumers, and it is becoming easier and more acceptable to sell products and services online. There are so many that wouldn’t even think twice about doing so. The [...]

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