At Rankin, no BS, we have true flexible working arrangements. When supported by contemporary IT your work and life are seamlessly integrated. You choose when, how and where you work and play.

Family Life

It was a Friday, I was set up comfortably on the VLine train on the way to the country to see my family for the weekend. My ‘normal’ workday was uninterrupted as I sat back in the chair with my laptop and spent the next few hours working through emails and taking phone calls.

Sporting Life

Sport has always played a huge role in my life. Last year I’d been given an opportunity to join Gippsland Power as a Development Coach for the AFL TAC cup series. The role was in Gippsland and I would be required to attend training each week which would mean I’d need to travel. Instead of sitting in peak hour traffic at the end of a long day in the office, I was able to drive to Gippsland at a time when the roads were quiet and work from a café for the afternoon, ready for training at 5.30pm.

When I need to travel interstate for a game, I don’t even have to take annual leave! When I played football in Darwin recently, I was able to book my flights during the evening, work on my laptop from a café the next day and join my teammates for training at night. I then fly home on Sunday afternoon with a few hours on the plane to get organised for my week, ready to go for Monday morning with the team.

Working at an organisation like ours means that I don’t have to battle peak hour traffic or miss out on opportunities because I’m stuck in an office until late in the evening.Not only have I been encouraged and supported to continue to learn and develop professionally outside of Rankin, I’ve been able to honour my own training commitments playing at a VFL club, which can sometimes be demanding.

Rankin flexible working means that I don’t have to sacrifice my passion for work.

I travelled more last year than I’ve ever travelled before and working in different locations around the country is actually encouraged at our firm. Since working at Rankin, I’ve travelled more than I ever have before! It’s seamless. Work isn’t interrupted.

I truly value the trust given to me to perform my role and contributing to the best of my ability is my way of showing my appreciation and I am incredibly grateful to be able to ‘integrate’ football, family and work into my world.

At Rankin we continue to learn and demonstrate how well a ‘virtual’ office can work, even for an ‘admin’. When we say flexible working arrangements, we mean it – NO BS!

Holly Bailey, Mission Controller (AKA: Executive Assistant)