Including Intellectual Property as Assets of Your Business

When selling or purchasing a business, most spend their time on tangible assets, such as business premises and land. However, a company's intangible assets, such as intellectual property, licencing arrangements, and trade secrets, can be precious and vital to a commercial transaction.   When selling or purchasing intellectual property, it is vital to: • Identify [...]

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Grace Period for Designs

Did you know that the Designs Act in Australia now has a 12-month grace period?  From March 2022, the new amendment provides a safeguard against unintended public disclosure of your design. Before the amendment, as soon as your design was disclosed to the public, you were prevented from registering the design for that product. This new grace [...]

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e-Commerce Legislation Worldwide

We all use the internet, some with more caution than others. It is a great way to get our businesses out there and in front of our consumers, and it is becoming easier and more acceptable to sell products and services online. There are so many that wouldn’t even think twice about doing so. The [...]

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Sale of Business Basics: Asset or Share Sale?

Often the first fundamental question a lawyer will ask when requested to prepare documentation for a sale of a business is: Are you conducting an Asset or a Share sale? Whilst for the most part this is a fairly straightforward consideration, oftentimes buyers and sellers will not fully understand the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of [...]

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