Update: Foreign Bribery Bills Tabled in Parliament

‘If I should slip something into your pocket, what’s the harm?’   Well, apparently a lot. Corporate crime costs Australia an estimated $8.5 billion annually, as Attorney-General George Brandis told parliament last week. Parliament has tabled a new bill designed to redress the corporate crime of foreign bribery. The proposed changes include the [...]

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Start Strong, Choose the Right Business Structure for Your Startup

Thinking of starting a business? One of the first administrative steps is to decide upon your business structure. The business structure you choose will impact upon your startup costs, how much tax you pay, your personal liability, your control over the business and ongoing administrative expenses. Start on the right foot by seeking legal advice. [...]

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Prickly Partners – Business Partnerships Checklist

Not getting along with your business partner and don’t feel like you have any options?  Often people are company directors, shareholders, and employees in the one business and the interplay of rights and obligations associated with these roles can be quite complicated. We have recently resolved a number of disputes and negotiated partnership agreements for clients [...]