Those that know Rankin & Co., know that we don’t follow convention. We interrogate it. If we cannot justify a process on first principles, we scrap it. That’s why we’ve done away with a traditional office space, complex partnership agreements and fixed hours of work. These are but artefacts of convention – elements that were once essential for the operation of a law firm, but which have been outmoded by the effective implementation of new technologies.

Recently, we spotted another artefact of convention – the ‘& Co.’ in Rankin & Co.

The ‘& Co.’ conjures images of the conventional law firm; images of a cornershop office with a faded billboard reading ‘lawyer & Co’.  ‘& Co.’ once stood for boutique, honest and time-tested. But today, ‘& Co.’ implies that we are no different from the rest. So, it is time to scrap yet another artefact of convention. The ‘& Co.’ that served us well for the past four years has gone. It worked for a long time and we’re sad to see it go but we’re even more excited to bring in the new. Change is good, and necessary.

‘Rankin & Co.’ is rebranding to ‘Rankin’.

We’re getting very close to the official launch of our new branding and I thought that it would be a good time to update our most valued clients, associates and referral partners on where Rankin is going and what you can expect next.

The new Rankin logo represents change, growth, and our plans for the future.

The use of Rankin further demonstrates our boldness and makes a strong representation of our unique vision for the company. The treatment of the ‘kin’ in the branding reflects our approach – we consider ourselves family. We want it to be more about you than it is about us. When you build a relationship with a client or associate it’s really about a long-term partnership.

Over the last few months we’ve been working toward this release, we’re very happy with it and are confident that you will be too.

We have already begun the process of switching out the old with the new and we expect to be fully transitioned in the next few weeks.

We’d love to know what you think. We love it and hope you do too.