Upcoming changes to unfair contract term legislation

Unfair contracts legislation came into effect around November 2016 targeting standard form contracts of large businesses that were unfair to and taking advantage of the consumer.  Since its introduction there have been a few amendments, the biggest being extending the definition of consumer to include small businesses. 2021 is bringing further amendments which are quite [...]

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Decarbonisation in 2021

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has been planning Sulphur Oxide emissions cuts for a decade, and it came to force in January 2020. Builders and owners are slowly inching moving towards alternative fuels altogether. Pierre-Etienne Franc of Air Liquide and Saehoon Kim of Hyundai, Co-Secretaries of the Hydrogen Council, are of the view that the [...]

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ASIC Cyber Security Proceedings Initiated

ASIC has commenced proceedings against RI Advice Group Pty Ltd in the Federal Court of Australia for alleged failure to have adequate cyber security systems in place.  This marks the first time that ASIC have instituted proceedings of this kind recognising the importance of cyber security as well as the continued spotlight on financial services [...]

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