When you are collaborating on a film, television or music project, one question that continually faces artists is, “How should I be credited?”

Whilst we all want that credit to make our CV’s more reputable, more importantly is the issue of who owns the copyright. In particular, who owns the rights to the script? The film and music recordings? Without clearly defining who owns the rights to what, your team will run into a myriad of problems later down the track. At Rankin Business Lawyers, we see it happen time and time again!

From securing funding and insurance to splitting the royalties, a messy situation is inevitable if this issue is not dealt with early – often leading to many wonderful projects sadly coming to a stand-still. Then there’s the complications if any of you have an artistic fallout – which let’s face it, is a foreseeable outcome with any passion project!

To avoid the messy headaches and disagreements, speak to our entertainment lawyer, Rebekah O’Sullivan, early in the process. Rebekah is an artist herself and understands first-hand the issues facing artists. Rebekah will give you friendly and sound advice about your project, so you can back to doing what you are good at – creating!